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Howard Medical Company!

Howard Medical Company in Chicago officially began in March of 1978 with an office desk next to the bed of Ross Litton and a warehouse located underneath the stairs of a one bedroom apartment on Chicago's near north side. The delivery vehicle was a 1974 brown Chevy Caprice that held 12 cases of underpads fully loaded.

When the Chevy would break down Ross would hail a taxi on Lincoln Ave., give the driver a 20 dollar bill, 4 cases of water mats and send him on his way to the University of Chicago Medical Center. 1st month sales exceeded $134.

We moved in 1982 to 427 W Erie which at that time was an 8 story warehouse 4 blocks from Chicago's Cabrini Greens where we rented the foyer for $100/month.

In 1989 we moved to our present location on Elston Ave once rumored to be Al Capone's garage.

In January of 2016 - Mark Litton succeeded his father as owner and president of Howard Medical.

Since 2016 we have redoubled our efforts to:

1) Provide the best customer service in Chicago.
2) Present alternate products that allow our customers the opportunity to save money.
3) Make timely deliveries.
4) Try to make a profit.

The origins of the name Howard Medical are steeped in mystery and a deeply guarded company secret, that I will reveal in depth to anyone e-mailing me with an order for underpads.

Ross and Mark Litton
Howard Medical Company in Chicago

Howard Litton, 1904


Mark, Ross, and Tom Litton, 2003

Howard Litton, 1904.
Mark, Ross, and Tom Litton, 2003. 
Please note the same apple tree.