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Medical-grade supplies and equipment designed to keep your work safe and clean.

Streamline Your Tattoo Supplies Buying Process

As a tattoo studio or independent artist, your team is small but mighty. Lean on our experienced team to help you source the exact medical-grade supplies, ink, needles, equipment, and furniture you need when you need them.

We offer fast shipping and 1-3 day delivery to anywhere in the U.S. You have access to hundreds of products on short notice, even when items are in high demand.

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Tattoo Studio Supply Solutions

From bandaging and aftercare to needles and tattoo cartridges, we’re the one-stop medical supplies hub for everything you need to create stunning work. We carry the top brands you depend on to keep your staff and clients safe, clean, healthy, and happy.

Assemble your dream tattoo supply lineup all from one supplier without storing items on-site. With our Planned Inventory solution, we store your products in our warehouses and ship the exact amount to you when you need it.

Explore our popular in-stock products, ready for delivery in 1-3 days.

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Hassle-Free Specialized Sourcing

We offer flexible, custom-built solutions to accommodate your tattoo studio. Our Specialized Sourcing service helps reduce costs with the option of smaller-volume quantities. Order only what you’ll use from trusted manufacturers. We can supply all of your needs including equipment, ink, needles, furniture and a range of medical-grade products.

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