Non-Acute Care

Meet the unique needs of your facility and patient population.

Achieve Purchasing and Storage Flexibility

Partner with a medical supplier who understands your facility’s purchasing process. Whether you source medical supplies based on volume, space availability or patient needs, our experts find the right solution for you. When your needs shift, we’re always here to support you.

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Non-Acute Care Supply Solutions

From wound care, pain management and incontinence care products to patient apparel and everything in between. We offer the supplies, storage and delivery solutions you need to keep operations running for every stage of patient care.

We connect you to a complete portfolio of products from the high-quality manufacturers you typically source from. You can also rely on Howard for specialty items with unique applications such as lab, bariatric care, incontinence care and infection control, all from the manufacturers you prefer.

Explore our popular in-stock products, ready for delivery in 1-3 days.

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Stay Ahead of the Supply Curve

Keep must-have supplies in stock while saving valuable space. Our Planned Inventory service guarantees a dedicated stock of your products are always available from our warehouses. When you need them, we ship you the exact amount you need so you don’t have to keep your items on-site.

Planned Inventory Service