The right medical supply services services at the right time.

No matter your specialty, needs, or deadline,
Howard Medical has a medical supply solution for you.


An immediate source for in-demand products that you need now.

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A direct line to brands and products that are unique to your needs.

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A guaranteed stock of your products available from our warehouses.

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Rush Supplies

When you need it, we have it.

Even when it’s a short deadline and what you need is scarce, we deliver – literally. Gain peace of mind knowing that we’re here to fill in inventory gaps and will get you the products you need in a hurry.

Our team reacts quickly to your requests, so you’ll have the items you need just in time, no matter where you are in the U.S. We offer competitive pricing on popular and hard-to-find medical supplies. Create an account to access our in-stock products and pricing online, anytime

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Specialized Sourcing

We source what you need, hassle-free.

When specialty medical supplies are hard to find, we’re here to help. Rely on Howard Medical’s flexible operations to accommodate your industry-specific needs and preferences with custom solutions built for your business.

We help you reduce costs with the option of smaller-volume quantities so you can order only what you’ll use from manufacturers you trust. Work with the Howard Medical team for the individual attention you need.

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Planned Inventory

We keep you ahead of the medical supply curve, without taking up space.

With Howard Medical, limited space doesn’t mean a limited supply of products. We store your medical supplies product stock in our warehouses, so you don’t have to keep it on-site. Our online portal makes it easy to track the amount of inventory you have in stock. When you need your items, we’ll ship the exact quantity so you never run out.

Planned inventory reduces your need for rush supplies because we guarantee a stock of products available to you anytime. We help keep your costs manageable with our decades of proactive sourcing experience and strong manufacturer relationships.

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